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From:Sergio A. Tkachenko Date:April 5 1999 8:08am
Subject:SCO compilation problem
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I have gcc 2.8.1 on my SCO Open Server 5.0.2
And I got the following problem during configure:
 it couldn't correctly check sizeof( char ), sizeof( int ), etc ...
 moreover, I think that all test configure programs are compiling or
running a bit 
 incorrectly because when I tried to compile and run some of failed
programs which I got 
 from config.log with gcc, everything was OK.
 And one more tip: SCO has own libx library where functions like chsize
are located.

Now I managed to work around these errors and configure MYSQL for
compilation on SCO
But I really don't know will it compile and work or no :-( .

Hope you'll help me,
Sergio A. Tkachenko
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