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From:Greg Patterson Date:September 23 1999 7:17pm
Subject:Re: password comparisons
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On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, Alejandro Leonian wrote:

> VALUES(´Bill´,´Gates´,PASSWORD(´666´));
> Now, i want to make a login script (am using perl) that checks whether the
> username Bill matches the password inputed by the user.But the user inputs
> his password UNencrypted..and the password in the database is ENcrypted!
> how am i suppose to make the comparison between the two? is there any
> UNencrypt password function or something similar?
> Should i keep the passwords plain text?


> should i encrypt the password provided,insert it inside a temporal
> table,read from it and compare?

Given unencrypted user password passed from user to CGI script
as $password...

$sql = "select password(" . $dbh->quote($password) .
   ") as password";

get result from query (single record - very fast) and compare it
to the entry from your user file.. You are comparing the encrypted
values on both sides of the condition.

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