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From:Martin Ramsch Date:September 23 1999 6:59pm
Subject:Re: handle the password problem!!
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On Thu, 1999-09-23 11:26:56 -0700, Nelson To wrote:
> is there any way to make password prompt gone?
> I mean when I type : mysql -u root -p
> Then the next line will be : Enter the password:
> Is it possible that we put the password at the begining like : mysql -u root 
> -p["password"] databaseName.

Don't write the square brackets!  In the manual they mean, that the
oart in brackets is optional ...

So please try:
  mysql -uroot -pyourpassword

No spaces after '-u' and '-p'!

If you prefer you also can use the more verbose variant of these options:
  mysql --user=root --password=youpassword 

See chapters "6.3 Connecting to the MySQL server" and
"12 MySQL Utilites" of the MySQL Refereence Manual.

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