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From:Christian Mack Date:September 23 1999 6:02pm
Subject:Re: JDBC and mySQL
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Randall Jonasz wrote:
> Hi,
> Just writing for everyone's opinion about using JDBC to connect to mySQL.
> The program being designed is going to be used as a document server over the
> web/intranet.  A decision was recently made to use Java as the principal
> development language.  However, I was wondering how stable JDBC was when
> using it to communicate with mySQL.  The platform we're developing for is
> Free BSD 3.2 .
> Our other programs use PHP 3.08 with mySQL 3.22.22 without any problems at
> all.
> Any suggestions, opinions you might have would be greatly appreciated.
> Randy Jonasz

Hi Randy

Both JDBC drivers (type 4) mm and twz are very stable.
The only drawback is, that they both don't use JDBC 2.0 API.

AFAIK mm is on the way to it.
But till it works reliable, you have to stick with JDBC 1.1 API.

Using Java, you definitely should use these JDBC drivers in favour of the JDBC-ODBC

There is a separat mailing list on Java <-> mysql related questions:
At least Mark Matthew (the author of mm driver) is always on this one.


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