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From:Floyd Baker Date:May 25 2003 4:09am
Subject:Re: db admin on secure server
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On Sat, 17 May 2003 22:06:03 +0100, you wrote:

>Server fully firewalled
>phpMyAdmin over a secure connection, with localhost as the connection
>address which will use the *nix socket, rather than TCP/IP. That way all
>traffic between you and the database is either secure or on the server


Afraid I need a little more detail on this.  Been trying to make
things work as I think is meant but nothing clicks.  Right now I'm
going https to phpMyAdmin on the server.

The server is iptable firewalled and I have ssl and sftp too.  It's
that 'socket' stuff I don't know about.  Might be practically there
but I can't see it yet.    

Thanks for the assistance.


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>Subject: db admin on secure server
>A question for those who know.
>What is the most secure way to administer a database on a secure
>server from the outside world?
>Should a site mounted client be used, accessed through https?
>Or can I use my 'localhost' admin to go in, also through https?
>When I try that, it refuses to accept 'https' as a legal domain.
>When the ip only is used, it tries to go in through a high port which
>we have blocked.  It wouldn't be a secure connection either.., or
>would it?
>What's the best way please?
>Thanks for any help.

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