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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 24 2003 3:40am
Subject:Re: problem establishing privileged user.
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At 23:34 -0400 5/23/03, Neben Kabon wrote:
>I am a newbie to using mysql. I have been reading Welling and Thomson's
>new book, "PHP and MySQL Web Development". 
>I am having difficulty logging in as a privileged user other than root
>on my YellowDog Linux 3.0 machine. (I have used the same method on my
>Redhat 7.3 machine with success.) I have been able to create a root user
>for mysql, however after I initiate the following to create privilages
>to a user "tony"..
>mysql> grant select, insert, update, delete, index, alter, create, drop
>     -> on books.*
>     -> to tony identified by '*password*'
>Then I quit mysql as root and try to log in mysql as tony, I get the
>following result:
>$ mysql -h localhost -u tony -p
>Enter password: *password*
>ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: 'tony@localhost' (Using password:
>Are there other privileges that I need to check?  Any pointers would be

Do you have rows in the mysql.user table that have blank User column

>Tony K.

Paul DuBois
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