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From:Urb LeJeune Date:May 24 2003 2:35am
Subject:Re: ENUM
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>>radio buttons. I detect the field is an ENUM using mysql_field_flags(). What
>>I want to do next if determine the "M', 'S', 'H', 'D' enumeration.
>Do you mean you want to determine the relationship between the string
>enumeration values and their numeric equivalents?

         No, I just want to determine there are four enumerated values
which are M,S,H, D.

>Why not just make the list element values and labels both the same, i.e.,
>the string values?

         I have an aversion to making life easy for the programmer at the
expense of the user :-)

>Otherwise, you need to get the column definition (e.g., with SHOW
>COLUMNS), yank out the list of values, and iterate through them to
>determine their numeric values.  What language are you using?  C?


         I could dig into PHPmyAdmin to see how they do it.

         Thanks again for your time and help.


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