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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 23 1999 5:11pm
Subject:[BUG]: isamchk core dumps
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>>>>> "Ondrej" == Ondrej Sury <ondrej@stripped> writes:

Ondrej> Linux (kernel 2.2.12, libc  2.1.2, debian potato 2.2)

Ondrej> druid:/var/lib/mysql/najdito# mysqld --version
Ondrej> mysqld  Ver 3.22.25 for pc-linux-gnu on i686 (charset: czech)
Ondrej> druid:/var/lib/mysql/najdito# isamchk --version
Ondrej> isamchk  Ver 5.10 for pc-linux-gnu at i686
Ondrej> druid:/var/lib/mysql/najdito# mysql --version
Ondrej> mysql  Ver 9.33 Distrib 3.22.25, for pc-linux-gnu (i686)

Ondrej> druid:/var/lib/mysql/najdito# isamchk -r city.ISM   -> table with iso-8859-2
> characters 
Ondrej> - recovering ISAM-table 'city.ISM'
Ondrej> Data records: 1990
Ondrej> - Fixing index 1
Ondrej> - Fixing index 2
Ondrej> Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Ondrej> druid:/var/lib/mysql/najdito# isamchk -o city.ISM  -> works OK.
Ondrej> - recovering ISAM-table 'city.ISM'
Ondrej> Data records: 1990


Please upload the table to.

with a copy of this mail and we will check this out!

Bye the way, did you add the czech-3.22.8-patch to your MySQL
distribution?  If not, could you add this and try again.

Another option is to try MySQL 3.23.x ; This version already includes
the above patch.

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