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From:GB Date:May 22 2003 3:02pm
Subject:Moving to MySQL 4.0.12
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We are in the process of moving from 3.23.51 to 4.0.12 with Apache 1.327
and PHP 4.23.
We initially installed rpm's for MySQL, Apache, PHP on a new server on
Redhat 8.0. Everything looked 
fine after each install until we started the Web Application. On the
first page we got:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_pconnect() in
/var/www/html/db_mysql.php on line 93

8.1.1 in the MySQL Documentation says "Error: "Fatal error: Call to
unsupported or undefined function mysql_connect() in .." This means that
your PHP version isn't compiled with MySQL support. You can either
compile a dynamic MySQL module and load it into PHP or recompile PHP
with built-in MySQL support. This is described in detail in the PHP
manual. "
We found a PHP RPM with MySQL support and during the install it
referenced missing MySQL library elements. We then went back to a
3.23.56  from the MySQL site and installed that. Then the PHP RPM was
happy then installed the 4.0.12 RPM and the 
message went away. 
Ran fine for 2-3 days including stopping and starting MySQL with no
problems until this morning. Operations replaced the UPS on the server
last night and had to restart the Box. {First time Linux/server had been
rebooted} Now our 
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_pconnect() in
/var/www/html/db_mysql.php on line 93


is back. We can go back and start with the 3.23.56 RPM and roll and roll
through the upgrade path again, but this seems very ugly if we have to
do this every time we restart the box. Also unacceptable when we do the
real move on our production system. 
Any thoughts/suggestions 
Also, it looks like the 4.0.12 MySQL RPM may be missing some PHP library
elements. You would not notice if you were upgrading from a previous
MySQL version, but on a clean new install those modules seem to be

Moving to MySQL 4.0.12GB22 May
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