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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 22 2003 2:02am
Subject:Re: Insert with addslashes
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At 20:43 -0500 5/21/03, Alex Behrens wrote:
>Hey All,
>Sorry for making multiple posts, but I need to get this problem resolved.
>I'm trying to be able to insert html code and text into a mysql db for use
>on a website. Below is my insert string:
>   $sql = "INSERT INTO hwu_articles (subject, date, author, author_email,
>main_body, forum_url, dealtime_name, dealtime_url, man_name, man_url, type,
>cost, cost_url, rating, id, page, page_subject, end) VALUES ('$subject',
>'$date', '$author', '$author_email', '$main_body', '$forum_url',
>'$dealtime_name', '$dealtime_url', '$man_name', '$man_url', '$type',
>'$cost', '$cost_url', '$rating', '$id', '$page', '$page_subject', '$end')";
>However, I'm having trouble when inserting a lot of HTML data that includes
>single and double quotes and I don't how knwo to make use of the add slashes
>How do I add this function to my syntax and is is possible to just add it to
>the "main_body" column, since this is the column with all the html coding.
>Thanks for your help!
>Right now my inserts dont work!

The easiest thing might be to insert this statement immediately prior
to your statement above:

$main_body = addslashes ($main_body);

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Paul DuBois
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