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From:John Hicks Date:May 21 2003 9:43pm
Subject:Re: Adding columns to existing table
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You can add a column with a simple 
"ALTER TABLE tablename ADD COLUMN columnname 
columndefinition AFTER existingcolumnname;

What could be simpler? : )


On Wednesday 21 May 2003 05:50 pm, 
chrmead@stripped wrote:
> Hello,
> I am new to mysql and have a quasi-design question.
> I have a php site which uses a few mysql tables for data.
>  It is becoming clear that some of these tables need
> extra columns (for data items I originally overlooked). 
> What I am wondering is:
> Is it easier to add columns to an existing table (which
> already has lots of rows, but not a huge number)?
> OR
> Is it easier to create a new table which uses the first
> table's id/key/whatever to correlate the new data with
> the existing table?
> Thanks
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