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From:Martin Waite Date:May 21 2003 8:34am
Subject:Re: how long are tables locked during queries
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Thanks for the reply.

Tables ARE locked to updates during reads - so if you try to update
a table while another thread is performing a query on that table, 
the update is stalled until that query ends.

However, I think MySQL separates the actual execution of the 
query from sending the results of the query to the client.

I wrote a little script yesterday to investigate this.  The script
performed a "select" query, and then pulled the result rows one at a
time with a 20 second delay between fetches.  While this was happening,
I updated the same table with no delay.

This isn't convincing however - the (Perl) library in my script 
might well have buffered the results on the client-side and might 
have already pulled all the results onto the client before my
update command.

I need to rerun the experiment with a multi-megabyte dataset.


On Tue, 2003-05-20 at 18:00, Ryan R. Tharp wrote:
> I would agree that it doesn't lock the table on reads unless you explicitly
> stated so. I don't think there's a limit unless you query required to create
> a temporary table ( can find this out by using explain command on the query
> in question) which is limited to available disk space.
> -Ryan.

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