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From:Phillip Blancher - Ontario Web Date:May 21 2003 3:52am
Subject:Deleting Files Complex Question
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Good evening all,

I am currently working on a real estate site, and trying to figure out how
to do the following.

When a property is listed, 5 photos are uploaded to the webspace, while the
information for the listing, including the location on the webspace for the
photos are written.

When a property is sold, it is so marked in the database. So far, not so
hard right.

Now the toughy:

After a set number of days of being marked sold (15 days for example) I want
the database entry to delete, AND I want the files to delete off the

Anyone have any ideas???

I am coding in PHP, and Running MySQL 4, PHP 4 on a Linux box.

I would appreciate any help in this, as I am stumped on how to get it to
delete not only the file name from the database but the physical files from
the webspace.

Thanks again

Phil at 

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