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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 23 1999 2:31pm
Subject:mysqld NOT listening on any port
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>>>>> "makkulka" == makkulka  <makkulka@stripped> writes:

makkulka> HI

makkulka> I have installed successfully (from source ) mySQL 3.22.26a for
makkulka> Linux Sparc without any problems. I can access the databases
makkulka> using perl dbi interface -no problems there.

makkulka> Problems started when I wanted to use JDBC.  The jdbc connection
makkulka> url needs port to be mentioned which I mentioned as 3306 (the
makkulka> default ). However, java programs could not connect to
makkulka> the mySQLd at all.

makkulka> Hence I did a 

makkulka> mysqladmin  version

makkulka> and the messages shown did NOT mention any PORT. There
makkulka> was just the default UNIX port under /tmp/ and no other PORT
makkulka> like 3306 in the message printed.

To get the port, try  mysqladmin -h 'hostname' version

makkulka> when I did a 

makkulka> mysqladmin variables 

makkulka> i got a value of 3306 for the port !!

makkulka> So lastly I did a telnet to the port 3306 and got a lot
makkulka> of funny chars -- there was the string "3.22.26a" the
makkulka> version of MySQL I was using amongst the funny
makkulka> characters which makes me belive that there is
makkulka> a problem with mysqld listening on this port.
makkulka> The telnet ends with the message "bad connection, 
makkulka> wrong handshake...etc ".

The above is quite normal.  Telnet doesn't understand the MySQL protocol.

What error did you get from your Java program ?

mysqld NOT listening on any portmakkulka22 Sep
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