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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 20 2003 4:25am
Subject:Re: Newbie Question on Control Center, ERROR 1130
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At 22:28 -0400 5/19/03, Thomas VanderMeulen wrote:
>Here's an easy newbie question for someone: Why does control center,
>installed on WinNT Workstation using a non-routable IP, report a refused
>connection error from the MySQL deamon running on a Linux 8 box (also on the
>local non-routable network)?  The specific ERROR is 1130: "Host
>'' (the NT box running Control Center) is not allowed to
>connect to this MySQL server."  Obviously, I have to change something in the
>MySQL config file, but what exactly?  Changing the user doesn't seem to do
>Tom VanderMeulen

That error means there are no entries at all in the grant tables on
the server host that match in the Host column.

Paul DuBois
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Newbie Question on Control Center, ERROR 1130Thomas VanderMeulen20 May
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