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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 23 1999 11:54am
Subject:Re: MyODBC compilation
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>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Freitas <sflist@stripped> writes:

Steve> Monty,
Steve> I hope you don't think I'm asking too many questions! I told you a while 
Steve> back I'd sign up for email support when I could afford it. I did, and now 
Steve> I'll sign up for extended email as soon as I can afford that. Just wait 
Steve> until I buy the extended login support -- I'll try not to be unbearable! 
Steve> ;-)


>> The reason for this is that myodbc uses some common headers from the
>> MySQL distribution and these must be the same between MyODBC and MySQL.

Steve> Since I'm not a programming guru, can you tell me which headers so I know 
Steve> which paths are important for the MySQL source config?

For the moment you must have the whole source as the myodbc configure
stuff checks some paths in it.

>> I shall look into removing this dependency in the future!

Steve> Thanks!

We hope this will be fixed in MySQL 3.23.4, that we hope to be release 
today.  I will try to make a new MyODBC distribution which doesn't
need a MySQL source installation next week!

Steve> Now, I'm trying to get my MyODBC config running smoothly, and the problem 
Steve> I'm having is this: MyODBC can communicate fine with MySQL databases 
Steve> running on the localhost, but when I specify a DSN in odbc.ini residing 
Steve> on an internet host, it returns an error when I attempt to use it.

What error do you get?

Steve> I'm trying to narrow down whether the problem is with privileges or 
Steve> MyODBC itself:

Steve> It could be privileges -- But I can use the mysql monitor to access the 
Steve> same DSN out on the net just fine, so I think the grants are okay. (Tell 
Steve> me if you think that may still be the problem: I just specified on this 
Steve> internet-based host in mysql/db to allow from % on my account, and in 
Steve> mysql/users to allow everything from the same account on my fixed IP.) I 
Steve> assume if you can hit something with mysql monitor, you should be able to 
Steve> hit it with MyODBC using the same account, correct?


Steve> Or it could be MyODBC -- Can you see a situation where incorrect MyODBC 
Steve> configuration on my part might cause it to only 'see' MySQL databases on
> Steve> the localhost but not on the network?

No.  The only reason for this is if libiodbc doesn't send the SERVER
variable to SQLDriverConnect.  Any change you can debug this (I don't
have time to do this myself until Monday)

Steve> Thanks for your help!

Steve> Steve Freitas
Steve> Newport Beach, California

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