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From:Nils Valentin Date:May 16 2003 2:28am
Subject:Explaining unix ODBC in plain english
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To anybody reading this,

I think there is a lot of confusion going around what unixODBC is or who it is 
working. While I read myself some manuals trying to describe what each part 
is doing (API, driver , MyODBC, unix ODBC, odbc.ini, odbcinst.ini, isql) I 
also realized that I verry often find myself beeing trapped when thinking 
about what part is actually reposnsible for what. Even reading the MySQL 
documentation does not really lighten me up.

I would very much appreciate if somebody (doesnt have to be Venu) would be 
able to explain how unixODBC works in good old mostly non technical plain 
school english. Dont get me wrong I already have installed many different 
systems without problems (Suse, Redhat, Mandrake etc.), so I dont consider 
myself as a beginner ( I believe;-), however when it really comes to the 
small printed then I would probably have to fuzz around. 

here is where I feel unsure or that I found not clearly described in many 

What is an API -Advanced programming Interface ?
What is an driver ?
Is an API and a driver the same ?
What is unixODBC ?
What is MyODBC ?
Is unixODBC running on the server side or client side ?
Is MyODBC running on the server side or the client side ?
Are the above two add-ons or plugins or something else ?
Why I need to use unixODBC and MyODBC to access data from OpenOffice ?
(explaining each parts function)

As you can see very basic questions, but as I said It would help me immensly 
to REALLY understand ech parts function.

Anybody around who would kindly step forward and let me know ?

Thank you for taking your time reading this.

Best regards

Valentin Nils
Internet Technology

 E-Mail: nils@stripped
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