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From:Michael T. Babcock Date:May 15 2003 4:07pm
Subject:Countering Microsoft
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This is a bit off-topic, so please don't flame me, but I'm sure most people on this list
won't mind.

I'm going to the Canadian Oil-Heat Association meeting in the first week of June to help
promote one of my clients' Linux-based database products.  The primary reason they are
paying my way is that one of their competitors is bringing along a Microsoft evangelist to
promote their new MS-based database product.

If anyone has good information I can use during the open-floor time at this presentation
to help debunk the "Microsoft is better because we have the .NET platform backing us"
argument (and others like it), I'd be very interested in hearing them.

My many near-sincere appologies to the pro-MS people on the list and those who feel this
isn't quite MySQL related :-).

If anyone feels they need to know, they can ask for the names and URLs of the companies
mentionned above, but I'll leave them out of this to avoid looking overly commercial about
Michael T. Babcock
CTO, FibreSpeed Ltd.
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