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From:Bill Doerrfeld Date:May 15 2003 2:02pm
Subject:Fwd: [ANN] Novusweb Creates Innovative Cooperative - Seeks Talented Web Specialists
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FYI. Thought some of you looking to expand your horizons (e.g. take 
on more MySQL work assignments) might be interested in this.

>To: <lasso@stripped>
>Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 00:32:57 -0700
>Subject: [ANN] Novusweb Creates Innovative Cooperative - Seeks Talented
>  Web Specialists
>From: Bret Williams <bret@stripped>
>CARLSBAD, CA -- Novusweb Corporation announces the formation of the 
>NOVUSWEB COOPERATIVE, an innovative approach to leveraging the vast 
>talent pool of freelance Web specialists. The Cooperative was formed 
>to bring robust Web-based applications to America's small business 
>marketplace at a lower cost of development and implementation, while 
>rewarding those responsible for creating successful products with 
>long-term financial gains.
>"We have reached a point in our growth that a traditional, in-house 
>approach to development can't keep up with the work, and hiring it 
>out is fraught with risks," explained Bret Williams, President/CEO 
>of Novusweb Corporation. "It has long been our belief that there are 
>a considerable number of individuals and small development firms 
>that are every bit as talented as those working for large 
>consultancies, yet do not have frequent opportunities to collaborate 
>with others on large-scale development projects. Additionally, 
>Novusweb is targeting America's small business marketplace, which 
>encompasses about 80% of all workers. The Cooperative will allow us 
>to bring world-class application functionality to this market at a 
>very affordable price level, therefore giving us quick market 
>penetration." Williams believes that the ability to capture the 
>small business market place with niche-focused applications is wide 
>open for exploitation. "The Cooperative," says Williams, "is ideal 
>since it will be comprised of small business professionals." 
>According to Williams, it is this understanding of the small 
>business market that will insure that Novusweb applications hit 
>their mark. "We don't believe anyone has ever attempted anything 
>quite like this before." That doesn't frighten Williams, though, as 
>he points to other innovations he has managed such as the first, 
>live Internet coverage of a major sporting event, the first online 
>pricing of customer-selected new cars on a dealer Web site, and the 
>creation of the NovuStart rapid development methodology. Says 
>Williams, "we think of this as the 'New Order of Development.'"
>Briefly, the NOVUSWEB COOPERATIVE will consist of designers, 
>programmers, database administrators, systems administrators, 
>copywriters, and others who are selected by a committee of 
>Cooperative members as qualified to collaborate on application and 
>custom production projects. Sixty percent of all gross revenues 
>earned from Cooperative projects will be distributed to members 
>based on their proportional investment of time over the previous 
>rolling 12-month period. "We want members who put in hours this 
>month to earn monthly revenue for the next year," according to Cyndi 
>Williams, Novusweb VP of Operations. "And those members who continue 
>contributing time and effort will continue to earn more, longer." 
>While actual distributions will depend on product success, the 
>Williams' believe that any member that continually invests a few 
>hours each month, should over time begin to realize greater and 
>greater "per hour" earnings. Other gross revenue distributions 
>include 15% for marketing and commissions, 5% for customer service 
>support, and 20% for management, overhead, servers and bandwidth 
>costs. Says Bret Williams, "the lion's share of the revenue will go 
>to the Cooperative. For Novusweb to be successful, the members must 
>be successful and feel they are receiving an equitable return on 
>their investment of time." Bret Williams is anticipating that in 
>order to meet anticipated production demands, the Cooperative may 
>number as many of fifty or more by the end of 2003.
>The Cooperative will primarily focus on Web-based application 
>products, while also taking on selected custom projects. 
>Additionally, the Cooperative may produce application suites and 
>tools for other developers, ISPs and application service providers. 
>Novusweb primarily uses a select group of technologies, including 
>Blueworld's Lasso Professional; MySQL; Adobe's GoLive, PhotoShop, 
>and LiveMotion; 4D's WebSTAR; OmniGroup's OmniGraffle Professional; 
>and Apple's XServe. Co-location services are provided by Host 
>Solutions. "By concentrating on these proven platforms, we're able 
>to fine-tune our production methodology to insure maximum efficiency 
>and collaboration," explains Cyndi Williams.
>For those interested in learning more about the Novusweb 
>Cooperative, they are invited to visit the Novusweb Web site 
>( and follow the links referring to the 
>Novusweb Cooperative. Web professionals wishing to join the 
>Cooperative should complete the online Preliminary Qualification 
>Application. Applicants meeting initial qualifications will be 
>invited to join a conference call in the near future to discuss next 
>steps and procedures.
>Novusweb Corporation is a private corporation located in Carlsbad, 
>California. Since 1999, Novusweb has created unique and productive 
>Web-based solutions for a wide variety of clients, as well as its 
>own proprietary offerings. Currently, Novusweb has a number of 
>proprietary products under development including NovuScript, 
>NovusRentals, NovuScout and NovusPortal.
>For more information:
>Bret Williams
>Novusweb Corporation
>(866) 668-8793 toll free
>(760) 942-3773 office
>Novusweb, NovuStart, NovuScript, NovusRentals, NovuScout, 
>NovusPortal and the Novusweb Cooperative are trademarks of Novusweb 
>Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their 
>respective owners.
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