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From:Micheal Mc Evoy Date:September 22 1999 10:48pm
Subject:Re: English Explanation of Mysql Please!
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It would appear that you are looking for for a DBI/DBD module or something
It would help considerably if you would have posted a bit clearer message
as to what exactly you are looking for. (Code snippets would help).

Otherwise, you won't find any help here or anywhere.
We try to help as much as possible, but your message indicates EBCAK.
BTW, if you are a _non-technical person_, you should learn a bit more
before you try to put a relational database on a website.

Micheal Mc Evoy                                         mjmc@stripped

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On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, Bill Gerrard wrote:

>It is interesting that you were able to find this mailing list, but
>couldn't find any information on MySQL or how to download it.  When I go
>to, I find information about MySQL, downloading links and
>other things before I find information about the mailing list.
>One thing I think you should really do it contact the author of the cgi
>script, because I think, based on this initial inquiry, you are going to
>have more problems as you progress.
>On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, Panama wrote:
>> Hello to all.  I have this cgi script that I would like to use.
>> This script requires for a "Mysql" thing to be installed on my server for it
>> to work.
>> I search the net for explanation, manuals and info and to tell you all the
>> truth I'm mnore confused now then when I started.
>> Can someone please explain this Mysql deal in a way that a
>> "non-technician-computer person" can understand.??
>> Also where I can download whatever its that I need to make things possible.
>> Any information on this matter would be appreciated.
>> Thanks.
>> Web you all later...Panama
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