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From:Greg Patterson Date:September 22 1999 5:01pm
Subject:Re: CPU Spikes. Slow queries.
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On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, Brian Moon wrote:

> select, general.thread, author, subject, datestamp, body from
> general left join general_bodies on = where
>  datestamp > '1999-03-26' ) and (body like "%g3%" OR subject like "%g3%" OR
> author like "%g3%") order by id desc

You are losing indexing usage on the like clauses. Check for the "g3"
string in the relevant fields at the INSERT time and add a column to this
table that is a lag indicating when "g3" (or whatever) exists. You can
then index on this new flag to avoid all the extra LIKE clauses which is
slowing the query down greatly.

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CPU Spikes. Slow queries.Brian Moon22 Sep
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