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From:Benjamin Scherrey Date:April 4 1999 7:37am
Subject:Re: count(*) involving several tables?
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select name, count( table1_id ) from table1 left join table2 on table2.table1_id
= group by name;
Should give you the results you're looking for.


        Ben Scherrey

Bjoern Frantzen wrote:

> Given the following two tables;
> table1:
> id
> name
> table2:
> table1_id
> How can i do a select which returns all names from table1 and a count of how
> many relations there is in table2?
> When I do
>    SELECT, count(table2.table1_id)
>    FROM table1, table2
>    WHERE = table2.table1_id
> it works except I don't get the names of those without a relation in table2.
> I would like to have them listed as well with 0 relations.

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