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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 22 1999 3:19pm
Subject:Best way to upgrade MySQL
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>>>>> "ashley" == ashley pestkowski <ashley@stripped> writes:

ashley> Hello all,
ashley>             What is the best way to upgrade from 3.22.25 to 3.22.26? I use 
ashley> Redhat 6.0
ashley> Should I just backup my database and use rpm -Uvh MySQL-3.22.26a-1.i386.rpm 
ashley> ? Or should I remove it first.

ashley> Sorry for such a simple question but I need to be sure!

ashley> Thanks

ashley> Ashley Pestkowski
ashley> Systems Manager

ashley> t:0171 385 0085
ashley> f:0171 386 0086

ashley> ashley@stripped


rpm -U should not remove old MySQL databases!

But as always, it's always nice to have an backup!

Best way to upgrade MySQLashley pestkowski22 Sep
  • Best way to upgrade MySQLMichael Widenius22 Sep