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From:Gord Shier Date:April 4 1999 2:15am
Subject:DBI + fork + db handles
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I am using Perl DBI and MySQL.  My program does some 
processing on the database, and then splits into a number of 
children that each process a small bit while the parent waits for 
them all.

a (hopefully not too) trivialized outline:
$dbh = DBI->connect(...
for ($i=0; $i<5; $i++) {
  $pid = fork;
  if ($pid>0) {
    #child processing goes here
    exit 0;

do {
  $pid = wait;
  } until ($pid<0);

exit 0;

My problem is that the children inherit the database handle, and 
when they exit, they close it.  If they do that, the parent no longer 
has a valid handle.

Is there a way to tell the children to not close a database handle?  
If there is, then I could let each child open its own connection.  
Otherwise, I think I'll have to close the parent connection before the 
forking, and then have each child and the parent all open new 

Best regards to all (especially Monty and the MySQL gang!)
Gord Shier
DBI + fork + db handlesGord Shier4 Apr
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