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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 22 1999 1:17pm
Subject:BUG with autoincrement.
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> Has anyone troubles with how mysql 3.23.3 using new MYISAM format works =
> with autoincrement values ?
> I had a lot of troubles with it. After some time inserts using auto =
> increment features become not to work properly.
> A table become dammaged and even myisamchk is unable to fix it.

Can you provide a full example of this (for example a table that is ok 
+ an update log that destroyes it).  If yes, please ftp this to: and we shall check this out.

Can you also please include a full example of the myisamchk run that
doesn't work!  Note that your previous example used an tinyint, which
will not work that good if you have more than 255 entries in your

BUG with autoincrement.Peter Zaitsev22 Sep
  • BUG with autoincrement.Michael Widenius22 Sep