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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 22 1999 12:55pm
Subject:Mysqld goes to sleep
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>>>>> "Orlando" == Orlando Andico <orly@stripped> writes:

Orlando> I've been trying to load a database into my new mysql server running on
Orlando> Solaris. The working set is about 600MB (including indexes). I tried using
Orlando> the dump (mysqldump ... | mysql ...) but after about 30 minutes the mysqld
Orlando> on the target box (Solaris) suddenly went to sleep! (after consuming about
Orlando> 20 minutes of CPU time).

Orlando> IS there some Solaris "You can't get too much CPU" sort of setting? am I
Orlando> exercising some bug? this is Mysql 3.22.26 on Solaris 2.7 compiled with
Orlando> GCC 2.95 with the normal optimizations (no ultrasparc stuff).


What dump options did you use?

Did you use --opt ?

Mysqld goes to sleepOrlando Andico22 Sep
  • Mysqld goes to sleepMichael Widenius22 Sep