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From:Stefan Hinz Date:May 6 2003 2:09pm
Subject:Re[2]: How big can a SELECT be?
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Cal, Kaj,

> To answer your question, I've never seen anything in the documentation that
> indicates that such a limit exists. The only thing I can say is try it and
> see.  But please, by all means, post your results here so we all know if
> this works.

As Thorsten Schmidt pointed out, you can run the Database Server
Features Comparisons test on the MySQL website. It defaults to MySQL
4.0.6 vs. 4.1.0, so just clicking "View Comparison" gives you this
information about the size of a query (the very last output line):

query size: 1048574 (both 4.0.6 and 4.1.0)

So, in fact, there is a limit, but I'm still in the process of typing
that 1 megabyte SELECT query, and I started back in 1999 ;-)

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