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From:Basil Hussain Date:May 6 2003 2:08pm
Subject:RE: How big can a SELECT be?
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> I have a tablestructure that in rare circumstances must be searched via
> a SELECT statement that will be of 30-35Kb in size.
> I was wondering if this is possible or if I have a max. SELECT size
> that cant be expanded.

I suspect your only real limits will be:

a) The max_allowed_packet config variable setting. You should check this to
see if your 35KB query string will fit (with the command: SHOW VARIABLES
LIKE 'max_allowed_packet'). If not, you can increase the size in your my.cnf
file. The protocol's absolute limit is 16MB, though.

b) The number of tables (or aliases) referenced in a single query. I think
it's something like 128, off the top of my head. You'll have to check the


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