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From:Cal Evans Date:May 6 2003 1:28pm
Subject:Re: How big can a SELECT be?
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I bow to your sql-fu!  I've never seen a SQL statement that large.  (I've
written a few stored procedures that big but good God, not a single

To answer your question, I've never seen anything in the documentation that
indicates that such a limit exists. The only thing I can say is try it and
see.  But please, by all means, post your results here so we all know if
this works.

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Subject: How big can a SELECT be?

I have a tablestructure that in rare circumstances must be searched via
a SELECT statement that will be of 30-35Kb in size.

I was wondering if this is possible or if I have a max. SELECT size
that cant be expanded. Im using PHP 4.3 by the way to send the SELECT
on an FreeBSD

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