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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 22 1999 10:45am
Subject:duplicate entries in the mysql DB
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>>>>> "Chris" == Chris W <falco@stripped> writes:

Chris> Hello everyone, I have a question about duplicate entries in the database.
Chris> Let say I have database and have ProductID that is my index and it is auto
> incremented, but I found that there are few entries that are duplicate. Now I want to
> remove those entries, will I have to reindex the DB? or can I leave it as it is? When new
> entry will be added will it use the next available auto incremented index number or will
> it use the spot that was available when the previous entry was removed?

If you are using an ISAM (.ISD) table, new entries will be inserted
with the id = MAX(id)+1   ; This means that if you delete the biggest
id, it will be reused. (This is fixed in MySQL 3.23 when you use MyISAM).

Chris> Also what is the syntax to remove the whole entry in the database that is
> assigned to that particular product? Thank you very much.

Sorry, I am now 100 % sure what you meant.  Are you talking about
databases or tables? (A database is a collection of tables)

DELETE FROM table_name WHERE id=some_id.;

Chris> Those are my first steps with the DB so please do not comment this in negative
> way because remember when you started.

Chris> Thank you very much for your time and help.

Chris> Chris


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