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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 22 1999 9:59am
Subject:Re: Oracle <-> Mysql
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>>>>> "Ralph" == Ralph Graulich <graulich@stripped> writes:

Mariusz> Hi all!
Mariusz> I'd like to import MySQL databases for Oracle.  
Mariusz> Is there anywhere converter which fix some differences with data types?
>> If you can generate CREATE statements of your tables, you can probably 
>> use replace to fix the column types. (On the other hand, MySQL should
>> support most of the Oracle types)
Ralph> [...]

Ralph> Hi,

Ralph> if you need any help in converting exisiting Oracle tables to mySQL tables, drop
> me a note. This is currently my main point of interest in my own business, having an
> exisiting database on a different machine (Sun + Oracle) converted to another machine
> running mySQL on linux.

Ralph> Doing the things of data format convertion, too - maybe I can give you some
> hints on converting date/date-time strings to the format mySQL's using and so on.

Ralph> Regards
Ralph> ... Ralph ...


If you have the time; We would love to have an entry in the MySQL
manual that describes this. :)

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