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From:Dan Nelson Date:September 22 1999 3:20am
Subject:Re: FreeBSD Kernel Panic w/ MIT P-Threads
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In the last episode (Sep 22), Michael Widenius said:
> >>>>> "Viren" == Viren Jain <viren@stripped> writes:
> Viren> Found in the MySQL .err log file .. The corresponding C code at line 91
> is:
> Viren> void machdep_set_thread_timer(struct machdep_pthread *machdep_pthread)
> Viren> {
> Viren>      if (setitimer(ITIMER_VIRTUAL,
> &(machdep_pthread->machdep_timer), NULL)) {
> Viren>          PANIC();
> Viren>      }
> Viren> }

Viren: try putting a perror("setitimer failed"); call just above the
PANIC() line, so we can see what the error message is.  The only things
that should cause it to fail are an invalid pointer, or a time value
too large to handle (?).

> As setitimer is a OS call, this seems to indicate that you have some
> bug in your FreeBSD kernel.
> Which FreeBSD kernel are you using ?
> Do you have any plans to upgrade to 3.2 STABLE soon?

BTW: 3.3-RELEASE is on the FTP site, and CDs should be available soon. 
There were minor changes made to native threads, one with the comment
"Bring in both bug fixes, performance improvements, and enhancements
(addition of wrapped poll). This should fix MySQL problems" .

	Dan Nelson
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