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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 3 1999 9:56pm
Subject:IDEA: table cloning
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>>>>> "indrek" == indrek siitan <tfr@stripped> writes:

indrek> Hey,
indrek> sorry, if i haven't found the thing i'm proposing in the manual,
indrek> but a really neat thing that would help me a lot would be creating
indrek> a table that has exactly the same structure as some other table.
indrek> for example: CREATE TABLE table2 LIKE table1, that would create
indrek> table table2 with exactly the same structure/keys as table1.

indrek> Rgds,
indrek>   Tfr


We already have this on the TODO with a quite high priority:

The syntax will be:

CREATE TABLE table_name SELECT ... FROM ....

All columns in 'table_name' will have the same types as the selected:

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