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From:Paul DuBois Date:May 1 2003 4:24pm
Subject:Re: Group by Date in Datetime field
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At 8:27 -0700 5/1/03, Karl J. Stubsjoen wrote:
>I have a field of type datetime.  I need to group on variations of a 
>date or time value.
>I'd like to perform the following groups:
>1)  grouping by Day
>2)  grouping by Week
>3)  grouping by Month
>I'd like to perform the following groups by time:
>1)  group by hour (in chronologic order)
>         "for the last 6 hours x records are found each hour"


will group by date and hour

>2)  group by hour (in an extracted sense of hour)
>         "at 3 o'clock every day x records are found in the table"


>Is this possible from one DateTime Field?  Or, do I need to create a 
>seperate field for each value I intend to group on:  one for the 
>year, one for the month, one for the day, one for the week, and so 
>Thanks, Karl

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