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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 21 1999 11:02pm
Subject:FreeBSD Kernel Panic w/ MIT P-Threads
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>>>>> "Viren" == Viren Jain <viren@stripped> writes:

Viren> 	Would could be a possible cause of the following error message:
Viren> 	/usr/home/viren/mysql-3.22.22/mit-pthreads/machdep.c:91: Phtreads kernel 
Viren> panic.

Viren> 	Found in the MySQL .err log file .. The corresponding C code at line 91 is:
Viren> void machdep_set_thread_timer(struct machdep_pthread *machdep_pthread)
Viren> {
Viren>      if (setitimer(ITIMER_VIRTUAL, &(machdep_pthread->machdep_timer),
> NULL)) {
Viren>          PANIC();
Viren>      }
Viren> }
Viren> 	Any probably causes? After this error message the server was basically 
Viren> useless and must have been stuck in some sort of loop, eating 90% CPU.
Viren>   -- Viren


As setitimer is a OS call, this seems to indicate that you have some
bug in your FreeBSD kernel.

Which FreeBSD kernel are you using ?
Do you have any plans to upgrade to 3.2 STABLE soon?

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