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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 21 1999 10:59pm
Subject:Oracle <-> Mysql
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>>>>> "Mariusz" == Mariusz Kasinski <gen@stripped> writes:

Mariusz> 	Hi all!
Mariusz>  I'd like to import MySQL databases for Oracle.  
Mariusz> Is there anywhere converter which fix some differences with data types?
Mariusz> (e.g. if there are fields with type which isn't supported by Oracle
Mariusz> (bigint), time fields, date fields or fields with given length (eg int(8)) 


If you can generate CREATE statements of your tables, you can probably 
use replace to fix the column types. (On the other hand, MySQL should
support most of the Oracle types)

Someting like:

replace int(2) tinyint(2) int(5) mediumint(5) < create.sql | mysql database

(This will change int(2) -> tinyint(2) and int(5) -> mediumint(5) to
give you a smaller, faster table)

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