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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 21 1999 10:34pm
Subject:MySQL quits without errors.
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>>>>> "Huib" == Huib Verweij <hhv@stripped> writes:

Huib> Hi,
Huib> we have a server here (2x 400Mhz PII, 256Mb, Linux 2.2.10) that is running
Huib> MySQL 3.22.26a, perl 5.005_03, DBI 1.13, MySQL-modules 1.2206, i.e. the
Huib> latest. It crashes unexpectedly about 10-15 times a day, without any
Huib> errors. It just says: "mysqld ended" and dies. We have a script that
Huib> restarts it and then everything is fine. isamchk reports no errors. I have
Huib> even tried shutting mysql down every half hour and restarting it right
Huib> away. This helps, crashes are less frequent, but they still occur. We have
Huib> tried lots of options too, i.e. -O table_cache=128K (still on), -O
Huib> key_buffer=16M and so on. No luck.

Huib> The system uses about 60 tables. The maximum nr of simultaneous
Huib> connections is about 5 or 6, but usually the number of connections is much
Huib> less. I suspect it crashes under 'load', but I am not sure about this. The
Huib> load isn't that heavy anyway, the website is constantly used, but the
Huib> computerload rarely gets above 1.00.

Huib> If this sounds familiar to you and you have fixed it please help us out!
Huib> We are going to dump MySQL in favour of Sybase or any DB that can handle 
Huib> it, if this doesn't get fixed. That would be a shame because the
Huib> performance is really great.

Huib> Thanks a lot in advance!


MySQL should not crash, as long as you have a bug free glibc library!

What Linux system are you using. Do you have the latest glibc
libraries?  (Note that if your system is not stable, you may get 
similar problems with any other sql server that uses threads!)

Have you compiled MySQL yourself or do you use a pre-compiled binary ?

(Please always use the mysqlbug script when posting questions as this
includes a lot of information about your setup that is needed to be
able to answer your questions!)

You can find a lot of suggestions to this problem at:

section: 'What to do if MySQL keeps crashing'

If you really need fast explicit help, you should consider taking
MySQL email support.  We try to help everyone but our recourses are
quite limited and we must prioritize paying customers.

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