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From:Paul DuBois Date:April 28 2003 5:09pm
Subject:Re: Resetting Autoincrement.
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At 5:54 -0700 4/28/03, Prabu Subroto wrote:
>Dear my friends....
>I have a column with auto_increment, namely "SalesID".
>I want to know how to reset the auto_increment.
>For example:
>I have 20 persons who work as our sales. So it means
>the last SalesID is 20.
>If I delete the last row of SalesID (20) and insert a
>new one than it will start not from 20 but from 21.
>Where as I want it starts back from 20.
>The second question is: "Is it possible to make the
>MySQL (3.23.55) reset the auto_increment

Automatically?  No.  Why do you want to, anyway?  (Why bother?)

Paul DuBois
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