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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 21 1999 9:00pm
Subject:Re: FreeBSD
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>>>>> "bpaduraru" == bpaduraru  <bpaduraru@stripped> writes:

bpaduraru> Dear Sirs,
bpaduraru> I had the same problems with freeBSD. I'm using this O.S. because until
bpaduraru> this problem with mySQL appeard eveything was ok, even to configure it
bpaduraru> it's not so easy like Linux. I have 2 weeks now since I compile the mySQL
bpaduraru> ,but nothing.. I still receive errors. I thought the dowload was bad. I
bpaduraru> dowloaded again , but the same problems. It seems someone doesn't care
bpaduraru> about freeBSD users.
bpaduraru> Now I use msql- because I like mySQL, but I still don't understain
bpaduraru> why I can't use the new mySQL on freeBSD. Why I receive compile errors? 

bpaduraru>           Bogdan Paduraru
bpaduraru> software engineer - Petar (

Just a note about this thread;

We at TCX do care that MySQL should run on every possible system.  The 
problem with FreeBSD is that there is a lot of different version of
this out there in use and we don't have access to all of these.

We have put in a lot of patches in mit-pthreads just for FreeBSD and
we don't know of any bugs in this package.

We also just bought the FreeBSD 3.2 distribution on CDROMs and we will
shortly start to test every MYSQL distribution on this

If anyone can find out why MySQL doesn't work on FreeBSD 2.x, we would 
of course try to help to fix this ASAP!

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