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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 21 1999 8:31pm
Subject:Large database questions
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>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Betts <mbetts@stripped> writes:

Michael> Hi,
Michael> I'm just getting started with MySQL and in my test
Michael> environment, it is working great.  So good that I am
Michael> considering using it for a large read only database
Michael> (~1.5 billion rows / ~450GB).

Michael> My basic question is: is this size database mangeable
Michael> with MySQL?

Michael> More specifically, is anyone using the new large file
Michael> support? On what platform? Is there a way to have a
Michael> single table comprised of many files? Has anyone
Michael> used pack_isam on something this size?

Michael> Finally, any tips or suggestions would be greatly
Michael> appreciated.

Michael> Thanks,

Michael> Mike


We have tested some tables here at TCX with of +10G, so this appears
to work (On Solaris 2.7 with a Ultrasparc)

B-trees degrades quite slowly, so big tables shouldn't be a big
problem as long as your lookups are made on keys.

You can't yet easily use a many tables as a single file (with
indexes);  pack_isam can however compress many files with the same row 
format to one file.  With pack_isam the table gets 20-70 % smaller.

We are within one month going to try a Linux system patched for big
file support here at TCX to test how big files works on Linux.

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