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From:Stefan Hinz Date:April 25 2003 8:50am
Subject:Re: DB Field Prepopulates with same every time...
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> I have a simple PHP script which handles a users profile.
> There are 2 fields, postal_code SMALLINT (5), and phone_number INT(12).

> Whenever I insert values into these fields or update values, they are
> saved as 32767, for the both of them.

> I print out my SQL statement prior to inserting/updating, and sure
> enough, the values are what I input in my form BEFORE they go into the
> DB.  But the answer comes after they are inserted/updated.  All other
> columns are fine...

Well, anyone here can only guess. Please provide some more info:

a) SHOW CREATE TABLE users (or whatever it's called),

b) INSERT INTO users (...) # The query that causes the trouble

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