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From:Aaron Johnson Date:April 3 1999 7:46pm
Subject:Re: Installation of MySQL on Win9x
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Make sure you download everything not just the client.  There is a
shareware version based on 3.21 and a commercial version based on 3.22.
I strongly recommend the 3.22 version. (shareware with server)
You have to register/pay for a license to get the 3.22 version.

Without the mysqld (the server) you will not be able to use the clients
to connect to localhost.

Once you download it unzip and run setup.

Now run mysqld, you can do this one of two ways.

click start
click run
type: c:\mysql\bin\mysqld
click ok

open a dos window and type the same command (this lets you see any
possible errors)

once that is running you need open a dos window and cd \mysql\bin

now test your server with:
mysql -uroot mysql

this should launch the MySQL client. (speaking of client, I recommend
you use the cygnus clients

you should get the mysql> prompt

Type show tables;

This should give you a list of tables.

Your all set now, your server is running.  Now all you have to do is
create your tables, get your web server running, code some pag..........

Hope this helps

Aaron Johnson

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