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From:Thimble Smith Date:September 20 1999 10:23pm
Subject:Re: FreeBSD
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At 16:45, 19990920, apocoliptica@stripped wrote:
>MySQL appears to compile without any errors, but then when you attempt
>to start it up it goes into a crash/restart loop that must be killed.
>And the worst part is that it leaves no errors to see what is going on,
>it just sits there in a loop.  Then, if it's not killed after a few
>minutes, it will take the whole server down with it.  I have upgraded
>to the latest Apache, and re-compiled it with PHP as a module, which
>went without error, but the mysql install has us both stumped.

Does it crash as soon as it starts, or as soon as you execute a query,
or after certain queries, or what?

Have you tried building it with debugging, and using gdb to see what is
going on?

I've run MySQL on FreeBSD since 2.2.6, and it's working fine.  I've used
kernel threads (-lc_r) since 2.2.7.

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