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From:rosimildo Date:April 17 2003 2:20am
Subject:XQX update - Version 1.003-Beta
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Hi All,

ConnectTel has updated the XQX downloads with a new version 1.003-Beta.

XQX allows access to Relational Databases using a XML interface. Among
the SQL engines supported are:

	- Oracle
	- Microsoft SQL Server
	- Sybase
	- DB2
	- Informix
	- InterBase
	- Centura
	- MySQL
	- PostgreSQL
	- ODBC ( Windows & Linux )

New features:

	- Direct interface for Java using JNI
	- Added support to multiple encodings, using ICONV library.
	- Added java script support on windows for the XSL transformations.
	- Added support for BLOBS.
	- Added examples using java
	- Added a J2ME example of a Photo Album, that access data from 
	  a MySQL database.

For more information, please visit the XQX web page at:

Best regards, Rosimildo.

XQX update - Version 1.003-Betarosimildo17 Apr