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From:Martin Ramsch Date:September 20 1999 5:13pm
Subject:Re: Mysql: Choosing a random record
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On Mon, 1999-09-20 10:02:21 -0500, Joel Chippindale wrote:
> I would like to choose a record at random from a MySQL database.
> I thought that maybe I could order the results of a select using a
> RAND column so that a random record is returned first but the MySQL
> manual specifically says that this will not work.

I work-around for versions of MySQL before V3.23 is:

  SELECT *, id*0+RAND() AS r FROM table ORDER BY r LIMIT 5;

where "id" is some field of your table.

Monty wrote:
| The problem is that without the 'id' MySQL 3.22 thinks that 'r' is
| an constant and will automaticly remove it from the ORDER BY clause.

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