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From:Dan Nelson Date:April 14 2003 1:52am
Subject:Re: Unable to make mysql40-client
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In the last episode (Apr 13), Mike Todd said:
> >Description:
> Every time the make command is issued the following occurs:
> ===>  Extracting for mysql-client-4.0.12_2
> >> Checksum OK for mysql-4.0.12.tar.gz.
> ===>   mysql-client-4.0.12_2 depends on executable: libtool - found
> ===>  Patching for mysql-client-4.0.12_2
> ===>  Applying FreeBSD patches for mysql-client-4.0.12_2
> -e: not found
> *** Error code 127

This is because the port is trying to do an in-place sed operation of a
file, and the variable definition for REINPLACE_CMD is blank.  in-place
sed was added after FreeBSD 4.6, and your system:

> System: FreeBSD 4.4-RELEASE FreeBSD 4.4-RELEASE #0: Wed Jan  2
> 03:35:24 PST 2002     root@stripped:/usr/src/sys/compile/P54C_Kernel  i386

doesn't have it, so the port should have added a dependency on
textproc/sed_inplace and used that.  All I can think is that you
haven't updated your ports tree in over 6 months, since the inplace sed
stuff went in on 2002-06-13.  When you update, be sure and update the
entire ports tree, not just a single directory.

The version string at the top of /usr/ports/Mk/ should read

# $FreeBSD: ports/Mk/,v 1.445 2003/04/06 22:14:38 marcus Exp $

	Dan Nelson
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