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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 3 1999 9:46am
Subject:MySQL and Access Query
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>>>>> "Paco" == Paco Maldonado <spine@stripped> writes:

Paco> I got a problem, i have a database in access and i have made a query and
Paco> copied it to the clipboard:

Paco> SELECT Entity.Name, Entitats.Street, Entitats.Phone, 

Paco> Activities.Activity, Epigrafs.Epigraf

Paco> FROM Epigrafs INNER JOIN 

Paco> (Entity INNER JOIN 

Paco> (Activitaties INNER JOIN EntityActivitaties 

Paco> ON Activities.IDactivity = EntityActivities.IDactivity) 

Paco> ON Entity.IDentity = EntityActivities.IDentity) 

Paco> ON Epigrafs.IDepigraf = EntityActivities.IDepigraf

Paco> ORDER BY Entity.Name;

Paco> I have then, the same DB in my linux box with mysql, so this query is
Paco> incorrect....
Paco> whats can i do?


MySQL doesn't understand the 'INNER' noice-word.
(I have fixed this for MySQL 3.23)

The above is equal to:

SELECT Entity.Name, Entitats.Street, Entitats.Phone, 
Activities.Activity, Epigrafs.Epigraf
FROM Epigrafs,Entity, Activitaties, EntityActivitaties 
WHERE Activities.IDactivity = EntityActivities.IDactivity AND
Entity.IDentity = EntityActivities.IDentity AND Epigrafs.IDepigraf =
ORDER BY Entity.Name;

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