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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 20 1999 2:19am
Subject:Re: time of select
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At 9:24 PM -0500 9/19/99, John Jacques wrote:
>Hello, I'm running 3.23.3alpha. I know in the mysql editor mysql-> "show
>status\g" will show the current status and the length it took to run at
>the bottom of the status table..
>I have an application using the C API. I feed it a line and it runs it.
>When I enter "SHOW current_time() and return 1 field" It displays the
>current time.  When I enter "SHOW status and return 2 fields" It shows
>the status table.
>Is there a way I can start a timer when a web page starts, then display
>the length of time in seconds it took to run?
>Right now I display the current_time on the first line of the web page
>and the current_time on the last line of the web page. Is there any
>built in timers, like when "show status" is run it shows the time it
>took to run after it shows the status.
>I can run "show status" in my program, but the time it takes to run does
>not seem to be part of the returned results. Nothing is displayed after
>the status.

Why don't you just call time() before and after and print the results?
Use the capabilities of your programming language rather than the

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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