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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 3 1999 10:28am
Subject:Make uninstall won't work?
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>>>>> "Josh" == Josh S Gough <dasjsg@stripped> writes:

Josh> Hello,
Josh>   I have had problems running mysql_install_db on Red Hat 5.1, so someone
Josh> recommended to try using static rpms. Well, I'd like to uninstall the
Josh> current installation (which is ins /usr/local unfortunately instead of
Josh> /usr/local/mysql), but I get this error when I try make uninstall:

Josh> Making uninstall in Docs
Josh> make[1]: Entering directory `/home/dasjsg/un/mysql-3.22.19a/Docs'
Josh> :
Josh> install-info: Is a directory for /usr/local/info/dir
Josh> make[1]: *** [uninstall-info] Error 1
Josh> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/dasjsg/un/mysql-3.22.19a/Docs'
Josh> make: *** [uninstall-recursive] Error 1

Josh> I try typing "make uninstall" or make uninstall all
Josh> No luck. I see nothing in the documentation about this...Any help greatly
Josh> appreciated. 
Josh> Thanks,
Josh> JG


Sorry, there isn't any automatic uninstall target in the makefiles;
You have to 'rm' the files by hand.

On the other hand;  The source distribution should work just fine if
you have the newest glibc RPM from!

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