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From:Mike South Date:April 4 2003 1:02pm
Subject:Re: Open_files drops fast. Why?
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>From paul@stripped  Wed Apr  2 17:09:15 2003
>At 16:53 -0500 4/2/03, Mike South wrote:
>>In load testing I noticed that, even though all the queries in the
>>tests are for the exact same tables, at some point in the test
>>the Open_files variable  (from SHOW STATUS) drops very quickly.  Does
>>anyone have any idea what would cause that?

Does mysql issue that itself?  I am (reasonably) sure that no
FLUSH TABLES was explicitly issued in this case.

>Or do you mean Opened_files?  That can be reset with FLUSH STATUS.

No, I mean Open_files, although shortly after the one-time-drop in
Open_files that Im am referring to, Opened_files starts climbing more
rapidly.  And Open_files does not go back up:

I am wondering if the fact that these files are being closed shows
that mysql is running out of some resource, causing it to dump 
some file descriptors that it is not using at the moment.  (This 
happens shortly before things lock up completely, so I'm wondering
if I can fix what is causing this, and see if that might stop it
from gettting locked up.  Or even if I just understood what it was
doing then and why would be nice.)


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